FINA015 - Borrowed Identity - 'Bang Bang Boogie EP' (edits)

Romanian born now Germany based Borrowed Identity has been releasing gradually creeping out his electronic compositions since late 2011, releasing through reputable imprints such as Supplement Facts, Pets Recordings and Quintessentials to name a few. Picking up support along the way from leading names such as Mike Huckaby, Move D, Brawther and Delano Smith. Here we see Borrowed Identity join the FINA Records roster, a fitting placement for his soul-laden electronic sound.

Title cut ‘Bang Bang Boogie ft. Mechanical Soul Brother’ opens the record, a stab fuelled Chicago house number, employing an amalgamation of organic piano chords, fluttering pads, cutting bass tones and soulful vocal snippets to create a classic house piece, skilfully crafted. Following we have ‘Mental State’, which again tips its focus to the foundations of house with a gritty acidic bass hook, retro cowbells, shuffling snares and Juno strings, while a seemingly improvised sax melody in the latter stages adds a further charm to the arrangement.

On the latter half of the release we see Borrowed Identity display his diversity as a producer, with ‘Roboto Moves’ veering into dub territories, animated by dubbed out synth stabs, ethereal bass and a sharp bass hook. We then see the release rounded off with an infectious disco track entitled ‘You’re Mine’, which blends organic rhythms and gospel-style vocals with slap bass licks and funk infused guitar lines to truly close the package in style.

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