FINA002 - Leif - 'So Long EP' (Edits)

Leif steps up to the plate for Fina Records' second release and the boy does not disappoint. The Saab owning Anglo-Swede has been accumulating releases and remixes on world wide labels such as Moon Harbour, Morris Audio, Fear of Flying, Floppy Funk and his own Trim sound imprint. We felt it only natural for Leif to join the Fina familia. 
Leif has been good enough to grace us with a bumper four track E.P. featuring a tingling special guest vocal from Welsh songstress Donna Lea, whose voice resonates through your chest on title track, 'So Long'. Sticking with the land of daffodils & dragons, a chance meeting at Free Rotation festival spawned an instant remix request. German groovecat Move D on hearing 'So Long' immediately saw an opportunity to put his stamp on the record. The result is a low-slung roller whose heart remains firmly rooted to the floor. Joining it on the A is murmuring bass heavy 'Tell You Something', while on the flip, 'Bide the Time' pays testament to the early shuffling US Garage sound, while holding the House court with it's hypnotic percussion.

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