FINA009 - Francis Inferno Orchestra - 'Astral Breeze EP' (Edits)

The relatively young stargazer has been straddling the cosmic yet-invisible line of disco meets house with a string of tight knitted, warm productions across Kolour Recordings, Join the Dots, Under The Shade, Wolf Music, and Voyeurhythm to name a few. 
Championed by Soul Clap to Iron Curtis, FINA Records continues to grow with a cosmopolitan three track EP from one of the scenes brightest stars.

‘Silk And Smoove’ kicks off things with an animated punchy filtered disco number - tipping the cap to Bangalter and Philippe Zdar along the way. ‘Here’s To Feeling Good All The Time’ brings the needles closer to traditional deep house pastures with classic piano layers, sneakesq hats and lazy dog lines while ‘Astral Breeze’ disguises itself as early 808 State - flowing with lazy-rave basslines and melody before the mid-tempo drum patterns roll over to reveal undulating house, penetrated with a chopshop vocal hook.

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